2023 YXZ1000R/YFZ450R Overall Championship Series Payout Breakdown
  • 2023 Potential Payout of over $119,500
SXS Racing Series / YXZ1000R / RMax Class Bonus
Championship Off-Road Tour (13 Rounds)    
Overall Class Champion Pro Stock SXS $15,000
Overall Class Champion Pro Turbo SXS $15,000
Pro-Am Series Overall: First-$3,000, Second-$2,500, Third-$2,000 Fourth-$1,500, Fifth-$1,000 Pro-Am UTV $10,000
Sportsman Series Overall: First-$1,500, Second-$1,000, Third-$750, Fourth-$500, Fifth-$250 MORR UTV Sportsman $4,000
King of the Hammers (1 event)    
Overall Class Champion UTV 1st Overall $10,000
  UTV 1st Yamaha w/o Overall win $5,000
Great American Short Course Series (9 Rounds)    
Production 1000 Series Overall: First-$2,500, Second-$1,500, Third-$1,000 Production 1000 5,000
Texas Outlaw Series (11 Rounds) *New for 2023*    
Overall Class Champion Pro N/A $5,000
Overall Class Champion Expert 1000 $3,000
Overall Class Champion Amateur 1000 $1,500
ATV Racing Series /YFZ450R Class Bonus
GNCC Championship (12 Rounds)    
Overall Class Champion XC1-Pro ATV $15,000
XC2 ATV Overall Series: 1st-$2,500, 2nd-$1,500, 3rd -$750, 4th-$500 and 5th-$250   $5,500
WXC: Overall Class Champion- $500   $2,500
Junior A: Overall Class Champion - $500    
Junior B: Overall Class Champion - $500    
College A: Overall Class Champion - $500    
College B: Overall Class Champion - $500    
ATV MX (10 Rounds)    
Overall Class Champion Pro ATV $15,000
Pro Am Series Overall: 1st-$2,500, 2nd-$1,500, 3rd-$750, 4th-$500 and 5th-$250   $5,500
WMX: Overall Class Champion - $500   $2,500
Pro Sport : Overall Class Champion - $500    
Production A: Overall Class Champion - $500    
Production B: Overall Class Champion - $500    
Production Stock B/C: Overall Class Champion - $500    
ATV / Side-by-Side Championship Bonus Terms & Conditions
  • Racers must complete and submit a 2023 Championship Bonus registration form by September 30, 2023, to be eligible for bonuses earned in 2023. Register at: www.yamahabLUcRU.com
  • Upon 2023 registration approval, bLU cRU racers will receive a reloadable Yamaha bLU cRU debit card within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • bLU cRU registered racers will receive a bLU cRU welcome swag bag
  • bLU cRU racers competing in/on a 2021 model or newer YXZ / YFZ in all races of an identified series are eligible for the championship bonus affiliated with that series (**exception: top finishing bLU cRU racer in a YXZ at King of Hammers will collect the $5,000).
  • Winners must complete an I.R.S. W-9 Form in order to receive payment .
  • All registered winning racers will be issued credit to their reloadable Yamaha bLU cRU debit card after Yamaha receives confirmation of the Official series or event results from promoter and racer has completed a registration form and valid I.R.S. W-9 Form.
  • Only 2021 or newer U.S. model YXZ and YFZ models purchased in the United States are eligible.
  • Winning racers must have a valid U.S. social security number to be eligible.
  • Championship Bonuses will be paid to the WARRANTY REGISTERED owner.  If a sponsored racer will be competing, as opposed to the warranty registered owner, bonus will be paid to the racer.
  • Series results must be received from race promoter within 30 days from the conclusion of series/event for championship bonus to be paid. If a promoter fails to do so, Yamaha will not pay bonus on the applicable series/event.
  • The above series and classes are eligible for ATV / SxS bLU cRU payments or YFZ as specified.
  • Racers will be required to have approved Yamaha and bLU cRU logos in specified locations on their YXZ or YFZ and riding gear or driving suit throughout the series to be eligible.
  • Vehicles should maintain any combination of original OE plastic color.
  • Championship Bonuses will be paid directly to racer’s.
  • All bLU cRU Racers participating in specified ATV Classes in both GNCC & AMA MX for theYFZ450R’s will receive 1 entry per event that racer participates.
  • Go to www.yamahabLUcRU.com for more details.
  • Program details subject to change without notice at Yamaha’s sole discretion.